Manchester City: Unwilling to Buy Rúben Neves for £100

Pep Guardiola argued that Manchester City will not pay £100 to purchase a midfielder Rúben Neves of Wolves or other similar football players. On Monday evening, Manchester City will play against Wolves at home. But the champions is reluctant to strengthen defensive front, in spite of the coach’s wish to add one more special position.

Although a footballer Fernandinho will turn to 34, the Manchester City is not capable of purchasing a replacement. When it refers to Neves, the coach said that Neves may be the type needed. He is excellent, but they could choose another football player among numerous excellent footballers.

Many footballers’ contract still didn’t expire. He started getting information about “Rúben Neves, £100m”. The coach said, “It’s impossible for us to buy a holding midfielder for £100m. Cetainly, all departments of a football club need four or five options, which depend on age and prices.

Up to now, we have purchased the most expensive football player — Riyhad last summer. But it is proved that what he earned is less than what we have paid. Age bill of Manchester City ranks the eighth or ninth or 10th in Europe. In other words, there are eight or nine football clubs pay more than our club.

Manchester City try to keep stable as much as possible in every aspect. The reason why they bought two footballers at high prices is the ageing football team. The average age of footballers in Man City kit spans from 31 to 32. In the season, they could not spend much money on purchasing expensive players for their limited budget. So Man City need to be careful when facing the problem. Next season, they will try to improve themselves as much as possible.

Ilkay Gündogan, a representative of Fernandinho, signed a contract that will expire in 18 months. The football player knows much about the targeted player the team needed. In last two football matches, Gündogan played like a holding midfielder. It revealed that he is a very clever football player, in spite of other possibilities. Ahead of the finish, much assist and many passes have been contributed by the football player. His ability is incredible and we knew more about it.

But, unfortunately, he spent a long term to recover from his injury in the first season. He will be an incredible football player when he recovers from injuries. Some remarked that he has the quality to take the position as a holding midfield. He could control his pace to the box, scoring goals at the right moment. He is brilliant.

After 67th minute, Kevin De Bruyne walked down the tunnel and was substituted in football matches against Burton. The reason why the coach doing so is to protect his injury, avoiding further deterioration. The manager didn’t pay much attention to the problem that whether De Bruyne had a problem to make a decision. Because De Bruyne didn’t speak with Guardiola, so the coach has no idea about Bruyne’s decision. The reason sounds reasonable when confronting such a problem. More information will be referred next time. Thanks for your reading.

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